We Secure Your Well-being

Born out of a desire to better the well-being of communities, complexes and retirees, BeSecure – a technically driven company that seeks to harness the power of technology to help people live safe and convenient lifestyles – started in 2012.

The technology was initiated by Francois Geldenhuys. With an extensive career in wireless hardware and software design, Francois set out to better life for stay-at-home retirees. After two years of R&D BeSecure joined forces with a South African based company, Impro Technologies, to manufacture and sell the product line.

Today BeSecure (Pty) Ltd continue to grow into the healthcare sector while adding new market applications to the powerful wireless framework that has been designed. We provide dedicated products and solutions to encourage a secure and convenient way of life in retirement and lifestyle villages, complexes and formalised communities to ensure the well-being of the residents within these communities.

Former President and Technical Director of Azisa South Africa, Francois has a wealth of experience in telecoms, mobile handset and wireless market segment applications. As the creator of BeSecure’s technological offering, Francois has been responsible of the entire evolution of the BeSecure wireless and cloud framework. Francois’s industry knowledge, network of skilled engineers and personal speed of development has allowed the BeSecure framework to grow rapidly and with stability at its core. He is the Executive Founding Director of BeSecure and he oversees and contributes to all R&D for the business.

After holding the position as Sales and Marketing Director at Impro Technologies for 7 years, Barry joined the BeSecure team. Over the course of 15 years in the access control industry he has built significant experience in the light current electronics, software and identification industries. Barry has extensive experience in cloud solutions and light current electronic systems, and enjoys solving market pains through the correct application of technology. He is the Managing Director at BeSecure and brings his industry experience and expertise to the position.

With vast experience in a Managing Director position, Andy’s background is in telecommunications and mobile communication. His experience, passion for sales and technical experience in the wireless and internet communications space makes him an industry and domain expert. In addition, Andy’s genuine desire to contribute to the well-being of his fellow man and add value to their lives makes him a vital asset to the BeSecure team. Andy is an Executive at BeSecure and he oversees all the sales efforts for the business.